Well, it was a beautiful morning in July, and my brand new clients asked me to come over and take a look at their bathroom.  Ron, my contractor, told them how great I am and that before he even put a quote together, I should come up with a design.

That’s how it works, you see….how can the contractor quote something if he doesn’t know what crazy stuff the designer is going to ask for?

So after a nice coffee and some good conversation, up we went (up a very super narrow staircase), to take a look at the bathroom.  And, well…it’s pretty…petite?  About 45 square feet in total.  Let’s think of it this way.  A bathtub takes up 15 square feet (3’ x 5’), so the rest of the bathroom is about 7’ x 4’.

The existing vanity was quite the sore point.  Literally…imagine going into a bathroom in the middle of the night and BUMP, into that jut-out?  Oh!  And there were the tiles, the tape, the weird storage, the ancient rad, the original medicine cabinet and so on and so on.

Before Shots:

Blog 2
Blog 2
Outlet Mirror

taped wall
storage rad

We came up with a pretty classic design.  Beautiful black and white tiles, basket-weave on the floor, subway on the walls, and a great chair rail and black listello for added style.  The vanity was the best part.  We had it custom-made to 13” depth.  The exact space between the wall and the door.  On top we placed a BAR SINK, yes, that’s what I said…a BAR SINK to the right side, with a side single lever faucet on its left.  The sink is 11” deep.  It fit perfectly, and there are no ouch corners, more storage with all the functional pull outs and an awesome countertop that goes 10” up the wall and is finished so beautifully over this dark stained vanity that it all looks like a great vintage piece of furniture.

I love the new rad.  I bet, now that it’s freezing rain outside, they are loving it too.  It heats up the space beautifully, and then acts as a towel warmer!  Oh, the towels…well, we put towel bars on the inside and the outside of their  new glass shower door…and hooks on the back of their bathroom door, so everything has it place.

Speaking of place…we revamped that weird storage area with new paint, tiles and baskets.  It’s pretty now, and functional. AND, we took their old medicine cabinet mirrors and had them reframed.  They look new…don’t they!

After Shots:



In all, this bathroom was a great success.  The clients love it, I love it, and aside from a very hard time getting the new tub up the very super narrow staircase and door, it was a breeze of a job.  Now, if only they’d give me the go ahead on that kitchen….

Have a terrific day!