What’s YOUR Colour Personality?

What’s your personality?  Laid-back? Super-charged? Fun and vibrant? Zen?

Are you sure?  Is that how others would describe you, or is it what you wish to be?

It’s just like your clothing.  You know, how some people always look so perfectly styled?  And it’s never the typical stuff that we all shop for.  It’s always bohemian chic, or classic tailored or the like.  Those people have already figured out what their story is, or at least, what they want you to believe it is.

Filling your home with furniture, splashing paint on the walls, throwing down a rug…it can all be so scary.  But if you take some time, and figure out who you are, what you really do like, and how you want to feel, narrowing things down can be a lot easier.  Hiring a designer should be something you do once you’ve done that homework.  That way, when they leave, your home actually feels like your home.

Here’s some inspiration thanks to Maxwell Fabrics.

The Neutral Zen-Type

This palette is definitely great for someone who is laid back, and maybe wants to feel calm and natural at home.  The trick is texture.  Lots of shades of neutrals, with lots of different textures.


The Classic Tailored-Type

Classic, clean lines and colour without too much risk.  Perfect to rest your briefcase on. The key here is to pick a neutral (here grey) and a “pop” colour (here orange), and don’t deviate!


The Bold Funtastic Type

Brilliant shades, lots of variation, one palette.  Berry shades or blues or anything you choose.  Lots of hues (shades) of those colours, and you have an awesome and vibrant colour palette.


The Sleek Modern Type

Modern doesn’t have to mean boring.  As in classic design, one base colour (here grey) and several shades of an accent colour that crosses the colour wheel (here blue greens AND yellow greens).  It’s daring.  Yet the sheen on the fabrics create a sleek more modern look.


The book of design is really big, and really thick.  There are countless colour schemes, and ways of mixing and matching. 

Simplify, and you can’t go wrong.

Have a terrific day!