The Chair-y on Top!

Any designer will tell you, they have a secret obsession with the accent chair.   Accent chairs offer us easy and fun ways to fill little empty spaces, create punch in an otherwise boring room, use our favourite fabrics, indulge in a sculptural piece, or repurpose the cutest, sweetest, possibly not even usable, old chair that we can live without.  But the insistence that every chair in your house must serve as seating holds us back.  As does the misconception that your chairs must “match” your sofa, or your entire dining set.  Think of it this way.  An accent chair can be purposeful or just visual, funky or vintage, cheap and cheerful or expensive and luxurious.  Here are some of my top picks for this season!

Define your space:

A living room does not have to conform to a sofa, loveseat and wing chair combination.  Creativity is paramount when defining space.  Remember too, when company is over, people would prefer to sit in a chair, than be the person in the middle seat on a sofa.  Here, you see the building of the rooms character with two bold green chairs, and two fantastic printed chairs.  The conversation area is defined, but not boring.

Beautiful Small Family Room Accent Chairs Glass Coffee Table

Create Balance:

Here a beautiful accent chair, located in a handsome home office, serves to add a bit of femininity and glam to the otherwise very masculine room.  It also provides a great seat for visitors, being comfortable and convenient.


 Photo Above: Monaco Interiors

Lounging Chair:

This chair fills a large empty space, and creates a nook for reading, snoozing or lounging.  Its size lends it to filling a large area while using the space for something a little indulgent.


Photo above: CB2

Decorative Chair:

A director’s chair I purchased when I was 21!  A long, long time ago.  It was green.  The pattern had some crazy animal print on it with zebras and alligators.  It was really fun when I went through my ‘earthy’ stage, and hunter green was the ‘in’ shade of the year.  But now, painted white, with this textured, linen coloured vinyl, it fits right into the beachier style of my home.  No one is allowed to sit on it.  I don’t think it would hold anyone up for very long, but an otherwise empty corner houses my little chair, and reminds me that even my very first furniture purchase, was a good one!


The POP Chair:

Sometime a monochromatic design can start to look boring.  Injecting a colourful chair can totally change the vibe of the space, but creating interest and helping to ground some colour into the space.  A colour commitment also helps the colour story travel around the space, and can be used in other accents such as cushions, vases, drapery, etc, in the room. Here, in this modern family room, the orange used in the chairs is also used as an accent wall.


Photo above: Monaco Interiors

The Sculpture:

In a monochromatic scheme, the addition of a sculptural chair can really add some flare to a design.  This Scandinavian inspired chair really does the trick in this more subtle design and colour palette.

Caracole Upholstery

Photo above: Caracole Upholstery through Monaco Interiors

The Printed Seat:

Printed chairs are a sure way to add some texture and splash to a living room, a dark corner in a hallway or bedroom.  In the front entrance, they scream out “WELCOME” and can set the tone for the entire house, letting people know they’ve walked into a groovy artsy home, or a formal luxury inspired abode.  Here are two examples.

This one is a chair designed and manufactured by Evolution Chairs in South Africa.  Each chair is a repurposed school chair from a village school, and helps raise money for that school to refurnish.  Every design is only recreated up to ten times, and each one is different.

evolution chairs south aftrica

And our final chair is this pretty white and pink floral.  For so many who fear floral fabrics, this is definitely not your grandmother’s cabbage roses!  It’s simple and chic and would make anyone smile.


Think of interesting uses for chairs you love.  How about right next to the bathtub?  Upholstered in a terry cloth fabric? That chair could hold a towel, your bathrobe, or you when you just aren’t ready to come out of your sanctuary yet.  Or maybe by you’re a sunny window along your hallway?  Then you’ll have a spot to enjoy some warm rays in.  A dark corner could be brightened.  And empty space illuminated.  A living room made interesting.  A dull design injected with personality.  All with the simple placement of an accent chair.

Have a terrific day!