Holiday Advent

So I suffer from severe Christmas envy.  I grew up with a minister’s daughter for a best friend, and every year, I got to go over and do up the tree and get a present.  (Read my last post for more of this mushy stuff)  So, as a modern 2014 Jewish mommy, my goal is to make this holiday as fun and festive as Christmas.

To start off with, they have this advent thingy.  It’s a luscious cardboard box with daily tabs that open up to reveal yummy chocolates.  WELL!!! I love chocolate!!!!  So, why not make a Hanukkah one?  And maybe fill it with not only some Hanukkah Gelt (wrapped chocolates that look like coins), or some little gifty items like lip gloss, or even a yo-yo I picked up for my son!  I’ve got hair clips and Kinder Surprises, and all kinds of cute dollar-store-type items that my kids will just love.  Imagine getting to open one of these little packages every single day of Hanukkah!! That’s 8 days of fun!!

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