The Chair-y on Top!

Any designer will tell you, they have a secret obsession with the accent chair.   Accent chairs offer us easy and fun ways to fill little empty spaces, create punch in an otherwise boring room, use our favourite fabrics, indulge in a sculptural piece, or repurpose the cutest, sweetest, possibly not even usable, old chair that we can live without.  But the insistence that every chair in your house must serve as seating holds us back.  As does the misconception that your chairs must “match” your sofa, or your entire dining set.  Think of it this way.  An accent chair can be purposeful or just visual, funky or vintage, cheap and cheerful or expensive and luxurious.  Here are some of my top picks for this season!

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Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

Toronto Furniture Show 2

Chairs!  They are often so expensive, and are an often overlooked opportunity for true design fun.  Pairing modern, fun chairs, with traditional dining tables is a great way to turn something old and dated (like your grandmother’s dining table), into something contemporary and chic.  Who made that rule that everything has to be all matchy matchy and boring?  Designers know that when you spice things up with some daring buys, your home can go from blah to fantastic!

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