A Designer’s Renovation – Part 5

The Kitchen Renovation/Design

Do you love to cook?

I LOVE to cook. I LOVE to bake fancy cakes.  I LOVE to eat (which really explains it).

I have a LOT of kitchen stuff. Pots and pans, machines of all sorts, rolling pins and buckets of fondant, cookie cutters, crockpots, you name it.  And I want more. It’s my sanctuary, second only to my master bathroom (which doesn’t even exist more than a stud outline at the moment.)

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Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

Toronto Furniture Show 2

Chairs!  They are often so expensive, and are an often overlooked opportunity for true design fun.  Pairing modern, fun chairs, with traditional dining tables is a great way to turn something old and dated (like your grandmother’s dining table), into something contemporary and chic.  Who made that rule that everything has to be all matchy matchy and boring?  Designers know that when you spice things up with some daring buys, your home can go from blah to fantastic!

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