Gold is Up!

For how many years have we been swarming silver tones?  Chrome.  Nickel.  Stainless. Platinum.  It’s been a decade?  At least.  Well, it’s finally time to warm up and get some classic back.  Gold is making its comeback.  Some of it is still brassy…but most of it has that satin or brushed finish that’s, well, simply divine.

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Sick of being home? Design tips to redecorate, while staying home

If you are anything like me, your are getting sick of being at home. Getting bored of staring at the same spaces, day in and day out. I am. It’s exhausting being at home. Which is funny, because when we are all out in our regular lives, all we want is a few days at home to enjoy our families and relax.  But, as in any aspect of life when one has no choice, that’s all one wants. So, how can we change our environment a bit, to make the days feel a little newer and not stale and boring?

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A little colour injection

I. Want. COLOUR!

Is there a little kid inside of you screaming for colour? It’s like this deep longing inside your soul that jumps up an down with glee every time you see bright pretty toss cushions and brightly painted walls. You are reminded of summer, and amazing vacations and sunshine and life. Oh but you can’t! What will people say? Would if you got sick of it in a year?

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How to Shag!

Mad Men set – Interior Design Magazine

In the 60s, shag rugs began to surface.  The TV show Mad Men has one designed space that blows my mind. The bohemian vibe, and shag rug over high pile rug make me feel a little nostalgic for the 70s, when this was all the rage, I am pretty sure one can link the rise of asthma with the popularity of these rugs.

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Pillow Paralysis? How to choose toss cushions!

You ever flip through a magazine and see a sofa with ten toss cushions on it and think “Wow! How did they do that?”

Here’s a couple of tips for you:

In spaces where you have one accent colour, and you want that colour to really play a part in your design, use multiple patterns, textures and shades of that colour in your cushions.

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Cheers to the 2015 Colour of the Year!

I’m always game when the world of design moves in the direction of good wine.  What?  Oh, sorry, did I write that out loud?  Marsala, a wine produced in the region surrounding the Italian city of Marsala, AND, the Pantone colour of the year (#18-438).  An earthy brownish-red that is described by Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman as “nurturing and fulfilling…Marsala is a natural fit for your kitchen or dining room, making it ideal for tabletop, small appliances and linens throughout the home.”

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Colour Trends 2014!!

The colour trend Guru of the design world is Pantone, a company offering up their “decision” of colour trends for the year to designers of fashion, interiors, textiles, accessories and so on.  We, like bees to coveted honey, lie in wait until the big announcement.  So, in the very end, what, exactly does this mean for you, our clients?  Well…

Let’s examine the last two years of trends announced by Pantone.  In 2012, it was Tangerine.  I seem to remember everything being turquoise. Ah…maybe with a hit of Tangerine.  In 2013, it was Emerald.  Things were still turquoise.  Maybe with a hit of Emerald?

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I found Cozy Throws!

The Toronto Furniture Show Part 1

What a day!  I got to the show and met my good friend, Jennyfer who is also a designer who prays for inspired trade shows.   We spent two hours roaming the International Center.  It was pretty boring to be honest.  I hate going to trade shows in general.  The buildings are always too hot or too cold, the air is stale and everyone is standing around their booths looking either worried, bored or slightly hysterical.  The furniture show pretty much sucks for appeal.  There’s no grand design spaces like the Interior Design Show always has.  The booths are very basic, the coffee is brown water and the atmosphere is almost sickly.

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