23 Point Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is finally upon us. After a long Canadian winter, it is a welcome time for us all. So, with most of us spending so much time at home, what better time to get to your spring home maintenance?

One of the questions our team is often asked is; “what are the important things to remember at home this time of year?”.  Therefore, here is a checklist we have created for you, to make sure you keep your home in tip-top shape this year. You can print it and keep it up on a corkboard, fridge or in a safe spot, so you can refer to it every year.

Spring Checklist

  1. Change batteries in all your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Purchase paper compost bags for yard cleanup
  3. Change your furnace filter
  4. Check caulking around your kitchen counters and tubs or showers. Have fixed if needed
  5. Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter
  6. Vacuum refrigerator coils
  7. Check fire extinguishers, this should be done at least once a month
  8. Clean gutters, check for leaks & make sure they are attached securely
  9. Clean & seal deck if needed
  10. Inspect foundation for cracks & leaks
  11. Check exterior paint & touch up as needed
  12. Check siding, masonry & fences for damage & schedule repairs
  13. Remove install window screens if they have been removed
  14. Inspect caulking around windows; if cracking re-caulk
  15. Check roof for damage & schedule re-roofing if needed
  16. Check attic for leaks, mold, moisture intrusion, fire hazards & critters
  17. Schedule annual dryer exhaust cleaning & check up
  18. Check water heater for leaks—schedule inspection if older than 5 years
  19. Schedule a maintenance and/or energy efficiency inspection
  20. Check air ducts, remove covers and vacuum dust from vents
  21. Check and clean the heat recovery ventilator (HRV); wash or replace the filter
  22. Check driveways and walkways for frost damage or loose masonry
  23. Turn on exterior water supply 

Feel free to give us a shout if you require a trusted trade for any of your spring home maintenance. We’re working hard, and being safe, and we’d be more than happy to help you. 905-882-8824

Have a terrific day!