Materiality & Hardscapes

Crafting aesthetics and functionality through textures and elements.

At Monaco Interiors, we recognize the significance of materiality and hardscapes in achieving our clients’ desired aesthetic. The Monaco Studio retains an extensive and varied selection of materials, ensuring that we can cater to a wide range of design preferences. Additionally, we often bring in additional samples to elevate each unique design.

Meetings with our clients provide them with the opportunity to see and feel each material being considered for their project. We understand that a visual and tactile experience is crucial in making informed decisions. By participating in these meetings, we ensure that our clients have a personal understanding of the textures, colors, and qualities of the materials that are incorporated within their designs. By actively collaborating with our clients, we strive to create a space that not only meets their aesthetic preferences but also aligns with their functional and practical requirements.

Careful selection of materials is key to achieving a truly exceptional design. Our team spends countless hours engaging with suppliers to assess quality and performance standards for each material that is selected for a project.

We have established partnerships with suppliers worldwide to ensure both an exclusive and extensive range of goods and materials at our disposal. We have traveled abroad and continually research in order to discover quality and unique products for our projects. This enables us to curate a truly personalized design, tailored to our clients’ individual tastes and aspirations.

This diverse range of goods and materials ensures that we can steadily offer distinctive design solutions to our clients, setting their spaces apart with beautiful and captivating elements.

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