Discovery & Feasibility

Uncovering possibilities and laying the groundwork for success.

During the Discovery and Feasibility stage, we engage in an initial one-hour meeting with our clients to gather essential information about their needs, design aesthetic, and budgets, while gaining insight into their lifestyle. A Design Contract is then submitted for approval.

Once we have been commissioned to begin each project, depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the initial discovery stage can extend from one to several weeks of work. This timeframe allows us to conduct in-depth design concepts, perform site visits, assess structural considerations, and collaborate with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their expectations and ensure they have a clear perception of the project lifecycle. By investing the necessary time, we ensure that all aspects are thoroughly evaluated, laying a solid foundation for the design and renovation process.

Our administrative team will establish cloud folders exclusively for each client. These folders serve as a centralized hub where our clients can effortlessly share coveted photos, leave detailed notes, and upload essential files like land surveys or appliance specifications. Simultaneously, our dedicated team utilizes this platform to upload drawings, inspirational mood boards, and any required paperwork, ensuring that all collaborative documents are conveniently accessible in one location. This approach guarantees that every aspect of the interior design and renovation process is transparent, organized, and readily available to both our clients and our team.

Feasibility is key to each project as we discover what is possible within a structure, how we can reach our clients’ goals, and what level of finishings are required to achieve the best results possible. If required, budgets are clearly defined and assessed to ensure complete understanding of the investment required to move through a project in a stress-free environment.

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