Window Blinds

At Monaco Interiors, we help you decide which blinds would work best for you, and provide design advice as to what would look, and work best, in your space. Instead of just a salesperson, you get a certified window covering specialist and a designer that can help you spend wisely and enjoy your purchase for years to come.

We sell roman blinds, roller shades, vertical blinds, cellular blinds, sheer blinds, wood blinds and many more.


Shutters have evolved into more than just window coverings. Now you can order them in any colour, with extra details such as the tableux shutters shown here, distressed, glossy, modern, traditional…it’s all up to you! You can use them as door inserts or even wall art. Let us transform your windows with these stunning shutters.


Custom drapery and sheers are an art form. The three areas of design that drapery fulfill are light control, insulation and aesthetics and all three of these matters must be considered when creating fabric window treatments. Proper hardware and installation are necessary to ensure your investment works well and lasts for years to come. Hire an expert! We’re certified window covering specialists and can help you transform your space with the best made fabric coverings.

Custom Bedding

Custom-made bedding is a terrific solution for finishing up the look of a bedroom. We can create bedding to work with your design, so there is no compromising on your end result. To compliment our custom bedding, we have a complete line of duvets – both down and synthetic, and pillows.

Soft Furniture and Re-upholstery

We go manufacturer-direct whenever we can, to bring both style and savings to our clients. Choices are wide open when you aren’t going retail! Any fabric you want, any size we need, firmer, softer, whatever your heart desires. Custom sofas and chairs, stained or painted whatever shade or colour we choose. It’s a decadent experience. And if you have that one heirloom piece or chair you just love, let’s recover it!

Case Goods

With our vast collection of suppliers, we’ll find you the perfect coffee table, bed frame, dining set or display unit. Your design comes to life once we fill it with the perfect pieces.

Office Furniture

Once your office space is designed, we implement it by providing any office furniture required. We work with our suppliers to find the right items that fit both design and function. With our network, we take all the legwork out of bringing your design to fruition.


What would you like to walk on? Hardwood, Carpet, Cork, Laminate or Tile? And do you know the difference between engineered and laminate? Be it a simple stair-runner or a heated bathroom tile floor, we’ve got you covered. And our expert installers will make sure it all goes in perfectly.


To compliment lighting design, fixtures are always available. Ceiling fixtures, floor lamps and table lamps along with sconces and pot lights, undercabinet lighting and even a great fixture above your pool table. From traditional to super modern, we’ll help you source the best products to light up your space.


Artwork can be as personal as it gets. Together with our art design team, we’ll help you find the perfect original or print and make sure it fits into your space. Framing your art is almost as important to the piece itself, helping it stand out and make a statement or sit back and compliment. Taking all your family photos and having them framed perfectly, or your child’s first painting, can make your house a home. In office spaces, artwork creates an enhanced environment for staff and clients.


The finishing touches are often overlooked. Dressing a space with accessories brings your design to life, and sets out your memories so they can be seen and enjoyed.