Pillow Paralysis? How to choose toss cushions!

You ever flip through a magazine and see a sofa with ten toss cushions on it and think “Wow! How did they do that?”

Here’s a couple of tips for you:

In spaces where you have one accent colour, and you want that colour to really play a part in your design, use multiple patterns, textures and shades of that colour in your cushions.

toss cushion, pillow, decorate, interior design
Multiple blue toss cushions in a space where this blue is used on an accent wall.

In spaces where you have several colours in your palette, think it as giving each colour an excuse to be in the room. Repeat your colours in your toss cushions, and bring your space together.

toss cushions, pillows, colour, interior design
Multiple colours in this space come together!

Never fear multiple patterns!  Just keep them in the same colour family and strength, and try to have patterns that work well together in scale. For example, small pretty traditional flowers, don’t look good with modern geometrics.  So keep the vibe the same, and you can’t go wrong!

Happy #trendtuesday!

Have a terrific day!