Online Design

Similar to our standard design process, we have an online design program to work with clients who we cannot meet with, at a slightly reduced fee.

Common reasons for using online design would be:

  1. Distance: you are not within easy driving distance and so online design helps reduce costs and time.

  2. New Purchase: you purchased a condo/house and we cannot get into it yet.

  3. Government Restrictions such as the current state of COVID-19.

  4. Your just want some quick help with a few things and do not require full design services.

This is an extremely collaborative program, including many emails, file exchanges, phone calls and video calls.

What we need from you:

We will ask our clients to take as many photos as possible along with rough measurements.

Time together will be imperative, as we get to know one another via phone and video.

The rest is the same! You will receive your drawings, plans, and designs via emails. We can send you
samples of fabrics, colours, tiles, etc., if required.

Budgeting is even possible in this virtual/online format, so long as there are no structural changes. If structural work is needed, we can create a budget that is as thorough as possible, and once we are able to have a site visit, we can verify and tweak, as necessary.

Here is a video about our online design services.