Newport Style

Newport style defined: classic design that lends its origins to Newport, Rhode Island, a seaside city along the east coast of the United States.  The city boasts beautiful sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean, and is well known as a summer resort destination.  Not as beachy as Cape Cod, or neon as Miami, Newport has its own niche style.  A style that has been coveted by today’s homeowner.  But it’s not super easy to create a space, in Canada, that reflects the vibe of this lovely city, while not looking like you’re trying too hard.  Design that looks too conspired never truly feels like a comfy home.  And if nothing else, Newport style is comfy, calm, organic and natural.  Maybe even a little, teensy bit, Ralph Lauren.

Trying to recreate this style, a few degrees north, isn’t very complicated, but it’s a commitment.  You can’t just do it “a little”, you’ve got to be all in.

I personally love the look.  It’s pretty timeless, and easily acquired if you stick to the design ethic, and promise not to use boat rope to wrap a light fixture or table base.

Try sticking to three or four colours.  Maybe go with a darker palette than you’d find in a Newport Bed and Breakfast.  Navy blue.  Yum.  Who doesn’t love navy blue?  And red.  Yes.  Red.  Not orange red, or pink red, just simple red.  And ground the two with something other than white.  White is so dangerous!  Don’t you want to have a hot chocolate on your sofa! Chocolate.  Chocolate brown leather.  And tan, or tobacco as many see it.  Maybe camel?

Let’s look as some fabrics, furniture and accessories to help you get this look.


Classic T-cushion sofa in leather. With or without studs, this is a timeless sofa that works to ground a space.


Fabrics!  Thanks to JF Fabrics for once more providing me with great samples to choose from!  Here we have six great swatches that once a few are put together, you’ve got Newport style ready to go.

Any beach-style design needs a great stripe, and the one above brings together the colours we’re working with.  Throw that on a side chair, or an ottoman, and you’ve got a great punch of colour in your space.  Layer toss cushions on top of chocolate leather or low pile tan chenille/ultrasuede, with interesting patterns such as the bird inspired fabric  or some blue swirls that remind me of the ocean, along with some pops of red in chairs or additional cushions, and you’re almost complete.

Wall colours can really make a point.  Maybe pick out a navy blue for an accent wall, or use a striped wallpaper?  Or, ok, here I’ll agree to the white.  But if white is just too eye-jarring, maybe look at Benjamin Moore’s CC-110 Muslin. It’s a great, sandy shade that looks perfect in any space.


And, if you can accessorize with some bold statements, that aren’t too kitchy (my Jewish word for tacky and screaming, eg: THIS IS MY BEACH DESIGN SO I AM PUTTING SHELLS ON MY COFFEE TABLE), then you are almost done.  I know you have area rug questions now.  Go natural, or vibrant, up to you, just remember to get one big enough for the space, but that’s another blog entirely.  So BIG rug, not tiny just fits under my coffee table silly rug).

img35b (1)

Rugs are a really great feature in your room.  Don’t forget, your floor is one BIG surface, so like walls and ceilings, floors deserve a little special attention.  Accessories really should be kept to a minimum, when designing a space, you should always leave room for things you’ll add later.  You’re life will be full of “oh I just love that” moments, and if your mantle is crammed or your walls are filled, where will you put it?  This vase has an earthy feel without the lumberjack vibe, and the bowl, with it’s great blue hues and handcrafted appeal are perfect starter.  Let’s be very mindful of comfort and warmth, especially considering WINTER this year seems to be stepping on Springs toes!  A cozy blanket (below), with the right colour path is always welcome.  And these promise of warm days to come.  For that, they’re on my shopping list!


**Rugs, Wool blankets, Blue Centerpiece West Elm; Floor vase, Crate & Barrel; Fabrics, JF Fabrics; Sofa, Monaco Interiors

Have a terrific day!

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