Into the Shadows

All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow

-Leo Tolstoy

“Shadow”.  It sounds so dark, exotic, sexy.  It’s Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year. And it’s a good one.

Can I be tacky for a second? It’s like an aged grape. Hints of gray, notes of neutral.  A smoky, warm aroma.  Goes well paired with a “dark burgundy” dressed with a pale “porcelain”.

Benjamin Moore Colours

The muted shade honestly goes well with almost anything.  I think a powder room completely enveloped in this shade would be dramatic and rich.  While I am pretty much done with painting a feature wall (wallpaper and plaster finishes are much more inviting), I could imagine a staircase cove, or library.

This photo by Benjamin Moore displays it perfectly.

A slightly brighter tone of this colour, would be amazing as a velvet sofa.  How luscious would you feel lounging on this?

Sofa available through Monaco Interiors

Wallpaper, as I often suggest!  One here, uses golds to offset the darker grape hues. It’s modern AND classic in design, and injects the colour without over-committing.  The second wallpaper, a complimentary shade. Imagine using this one a wall, and shadow on the ceiling.  Talk about an intense and dynamic paring!

Wallpapers by JF Fabrics, available through Monaco Interiors

Here’s a few style shots of shadow, along with perfect accents to work with it.  I love the injection of the burgundy, and hotter pinks to create interest and, as we designers love to say, “pops of colour”.

Rugs and Accessories Surya, available through Monaco Interiors
Rugs and Accessories Surya, available through Monaco Interiors
Accessories West Elm
Maxwell Fabrics
Surya Rugs
Surya Rugs


I can’t wait to get the party started with this shade.  Now…maybe I should find a few hors d’oeuvres to serve along with my wine…

Have a terrific day!

Have a terrific day!