How to Shag!

Mad Men set – Interior Design Magazine

In the 60s, shag rugs began to surface.  The TV show Mad Men has one designed space that blows my mind. The bohemian vibe, and shag rug over high pile rug make me feel a little nostalgic for the 70s, when this was all the rage, I am pretty sure one can link the rise of asthma with the popularity of these rugs.

People went wall to wall. Often making catastrophic mistakes, that within a year or so, they regretted.  As shown here…sometimes you really have to stand back and think about what you are doing. What is this really going to look like? Is there any possibility it will be a little too over the top? Too committed to the trend du jour?

HGTV - Green Shag

Shags have come a long way.  We use them now as cozy rugs. Fun and inviting floor dressings that we can snuggle on, roll around on, and sink our feet into. I love this one. It’s contemporary, yet soft, and the large scale design makes it feel more like art than just an area rug.

West Elm – Botanical Ikat Rug

For hits of colour. Shag rugs are available to be custom made too! They come in so many colours, and in come cases custom shades as well!


Look what I found! A shag Pillow! How great! You can be on-trend and spend just a bit, and keep it for just as long as you want!

Shag Toss – Monaco Interiors

But keep in mind, as fun as shags are, they are very difficult to clean. Their deep pile makes it almost impossible to really get in there and get the dirt out. Even with a super vacuum.  So, if there are allergies or asthma about in your home, or you have a loved pet that sheds, this may no be the solution for your home. No matter how much you love to shag.

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