Gold is Up!

For how many years have we been swarming silver tones?  Chrome.  Nickel.  Stainless. Platinum.  It’s been a decade?  At least.  Well, it’s finally time to warm up and get some classic back.  Gold is making its comeback.  Some of it is still brassy…but most of it has that satin or brushed finish that’s, well, simply divine.

I heard a designer recently comment, “Gold has gone from shiny and brassy to satin and sassy.”  Wish I could remember his name.  What a stellar remark.  And it’s true.  We’ve grown up since our super gold glow days, into a more sophisticated bunch.  We no longer want that ‘in your face’ gold.  We covet the warmer tones of these new golds, and it’s popping up everywhere from jewellery to light fixtures and furnishings.

Let’s look at some of my current favourites.



Since we’ve spent too many hard earned dollars on platinum and silver, one wouldn’t dare go totally gold, for risk of the dreaded ‘clash’.  So what better way to mix and match than to start with a ring that combines the two tones!

These awesome rings by MeditationRings combine golds and silver in unique ways.  Spinning rings, as they’ve been dubbed, offer you the chance to relax while you spin it and think about how to incorporate gold accents into your home!

Photo above:


Gold accents appear on all types of furnishings now.  Look to gold accented legs, hardware and trims as a way to bring it home without over indulging. The buffet shown here is a perfect example of not overdoing it.  Brushed gold accents in the knobs and paint are powerful yet not overpowering.  The coffee table shown is also a brushed gold, although more patina-like.  It’s amazing geometric design works in both contemporary and traditional style interiors.  I’ve used it recently, along with the narrower martini side table.  Serious wow effect.

193_15_01_det retch

Bernhardt created some stunners for the High Point show, including these two vignettes (below) featuring gold accented and gold upholstered furnishings.  They are setting a serious long term trend here, committing heavily to this new direction.



Photos above: Buffet: Pulaski; Coffee/Martini Tables: Stanley Furniture; both available through Monaco Interiors Living Room Furnishing Vignettes: Bernhardt


About a year ago, I went into my go to lighting store, and my rep there was shocked. I wanted a gold chandelier for my dining room!  He accused me of not being as modern as he’d expected.  Well, now look who’s trending?  Mixing and matching your existing chrome or silver-toned fixtures with gold can work very well.

Take a look at this brushed gold ceiling light.  Remind you of a coffee table you’ve seen?  How amazing is it?  There are tons to choose from, just keep away from that super brassy crystal insanity.  Today’s light fixtures are more sculptural, less fussy.  Think ceiling art.



The second light fixture is my most recent purchase.  It sits close to the high ceiling in my family room (we only used 1 rod, the photo shows 2), and adds much needed light as well as style to the space, without overwhelming the most used space in my home.  Where many are opting for pot lights, I like the effect of a beautiful light fixture.  It’s so much more inviting.  And this one has been the topic of many conversations since it got put up.  Its linen drum insert sparks a coastal vibe, while the gold patina confetti surrounding it adds some formality and interest.  It’s really the perfect fixture!



And why not use a gold-dipped bulb in a glass hurricane?  Or, to achieve that extra special glow?  I love these!  What a fantastic idea!

Photos above: Light fixtures: Royal Lighting: Light Bulb: Anthropologie


Oh the best part of the return of gold is the absolute replacement of ALL my silver frames!  That cold, mirror-like metal is gone, and this new gold wall is soon to be a part of my home.  How it brightens a simple white wall!  Photos pop, and the boring of receding chrome is replaced with the guts and glory of gold! (just FYI – you don’t really have to toss all the silver, keep some and mix and match for a great, sophisticated look)

gold frames wall



Serving up dinner, or tossing a cushion?  Check out these great accent items!  Allow yourself a little glam with gold serving spoons or even owl salt/pepper shakers!  And a cool twist on the popular chevron toss cushion is glamorous in gold!  All accent items:   West Elm.


I, for one, am super happy that the design industry is moving back towards the warmer gold tones.  And, even happier, that they aren’t reminiscent of the mirror-like brass of yesteryear.  As we, in the design industry, grow and mature, we look to timelessness in our designs, splashing in a bit of trend that can easily be traded once its time has past.  This new gold will be around for many years to come.  It’s a safe investment, both in and out of the stock market!

So get your Gold On and Let it Shine, as we all move forward into this wonderful new era!

Have a terrific day!

PS: Tune in next week for a fabulous before and after story of a recent renovation!


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