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At Monaco Interiors, we believe in revolutionizing the way the world perceives the union of interior design and construction. Established in 2002, our award-winning studio is fully focused on tailored experiences creating highly designed, client emphasized spaces, built by top tier professionals as one unified team in a turnkey establishment that caters to every discerning client’s needs.

Our modus operandi is driven by an unwavering commitment to our clientele, a belief in elevated design, and an unyielding commitment to exceptional construction standards. As a result, we have fostered enduring relationships with our clients.

At Monaco Interiors, each project is regarded as a unique opportunity to deliver unparalleled client service, exclusive design, unmitigated transparency, and seamless process efficiency. It is with great pleasure and pride that we continue to redefine the boundaries of interior design and renovations in the GTA and abroad.

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Curating a diverse design and renovation team has been a years-long experience. At Monaco Interiors, we search for team members with unique life experiences, perspectives, and specialties in order to bring a varied set of skills to each project. Our design meetings are an open table, were ideas flow freely, sans egos. Our passion for creativity and collaboration reflects at every stage of our process, ensuring out clients benefit from a world of knowledge and expertise. We often sign-off with Team Monaco. Because that is exactly what we are.

Revi Mula

Principal Designer, President

Steven Mula

Lead General Contractor, Vice-President

Lauren Thorne

Office Manager

Fernanda Guerini

Senior Interior Designer

Megan Schevers

Intermediate Interior Designer

Jaden Bourchier

Interior Design Intern

Maggie MacLaren

Junior Interior Designer

Sisanmi Atigbi

Architectural Designer

Our Crew

Monaco’s in-house construction team’s unwavering dedication ensures the successful completion of every project.