Colour Trends 2014!!

The colour trend Guru of the design world is Pantone, a company offering up their “decision” of colour trends for the year to designers of fashion, interiors, textiles, accessories and so on.  We, like bees to coveted honey, lie in wait until the big announcement.  So, in the very end, what, exactly does this mean for you, our clients?  Well…

Let’s examine the last two years of trends announced by Pantone.  In 2012, it was Tangerine.  I seem to remember everything being turquoise. Ah…maybe with a hit of Tangerine.  In 2013, it was Emerald.  Things were still turquoise.  Maybe with a hit of Emerald?

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This year, the big announcement came with a very exotic name: Radiant Orchid.  Ooh la la!


But it you go shopping, guess what?  Things are still all watery blues!  Check out Pottery Barn’s website!  Indigo Blue, colour of the season.  Well, talk about rebellious!

SO let’s mix it all up!  For those of you who are heart-felt trendies, let’s use Radiant Orchid, and maybe mix it up a bit with some of our leftover Emeralds and Tangerines?

Try incorporating some of that fantastic Orchid into your accessories.  Some ideas might be a great throw blanket, who can get enough of those?  We are in a deep freeze right now…

Some pretty paper flowers will brighten up your day.  For foodies, how about some environmentally friendly fabric napkins?

And, as always, my love of fabrics brings me to some fun and vibrant patterns and hues this season.


Truth is, if you love Shades of Purple, then this is your year baby!  Paint a wall, wallpaper a nook, get a regal velvet sofa!  Accents with multiple shades of metals, golds, silvers and even bronze.  Bring out your inner glam and go for it.  But if it’s really all beige in your life, or you went a little over the top on the Emerald last year, you can update with just a few hits of this year’s colour, and worry no more.

But…take some free advice from this designer, even the very best trends are just that, trends.  Do what you love, and I promise, you’ll never tire of it.

Have a terrific day!