Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

Toronto Furniture Show 2

Chairs!  They are often so expensive, and are an often overlooked opportunity for true design fun.  Pairing modern, fun chairs, with traditional dining tables is a great way to turn something old and dated (like your grandmother’s dining table), into something contemporary and chic.  Who made that rule that everything has to be all matchy matchy and boring?  Designers know that when you spice things up with some daring buys, your home can go from blah to fantastic!

Zuo Modern Furniture understands today’s consumer needs for affordable pieces to compliment the big purchases.  I found some super fun pieces, that won’t break the bank, but will add some serious punch!  And their “designer knock-offs” make the look attainable for anyone who wants that oh la la look.

I took a corner at the show, and came face to face with this fun, plastic and floral fabric chair.  It turned on my happy switch.  How could you not smile when seeing such a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy space?

Although a bit on the feminine side…who’s kidding…it is super girly, but at about $300 each, this chair can add some serious pizazz to a bachelorette pad.  Pair it with a simple dining table, and you can have a fun and outspoken dining room in your 1 bedroom condo.  And, in the future, it can be used in fun spaces in a larger home as well.  Why not semi-splurge on something that will bring light, joy and happiness into your home?


The classic Dixon S-Chair can be a huge investment.  It’s worth it, if you can afford it.  The sexy lines of this chair ooze sophistication.  It’s the mystery chair.  How does it hold you up?  I’ve had many clients ask, and then they sit in its simple comfort and out comes that long breath…filled with the days tensions.  The chair is a hallmark of the design industry.  So you want one?  How does $129 sound?  And it comes in lots of colours, starting with this fiery red.

download (1)


The barstool is forever being mulled over.  And, with todays changing counter heights, it is sometimes hard to find the perfect fit.  This industrial stool spins to any height, so the super tall and the vertically challenged alike can enjoy a meal at the same kitchen island.  Its washed wood finish, and industrial chic metal base fit into most of today’s design aesthetics.  I love it.  What an easy pick!twin-peaks-counter-stool-distressed-natural

Monaco Interiors would be happy to help you purchase any of these, and the selection is endless.  Here we come, great design at affordable prices.  Now that puts a smile on my face!

Have a terrific day!