A little colour injection

I. Want. COLOUR!

Is there a little kid inside of you screaming for colour? It’s like this deep longing inside your soul that jumps up an down with glee every time you see bright pretty toss cushions and brightly painted walls. You are reminded of summer, and amazing vacations and sunshine and life. Oh but you can’t! What will people say? Would if you got sick of it in a year?

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Dare to be YOU!

Well, let it be said that design occasionally reflects on past trends (dreaded stirrup pants and neon pink t-shirts), but design’s true calling is moving forward: bigger, bolder, inspired and, well, ALIVE, to be honest.

With so many designers being focused on greige the last few years, it is a welcome breath of fresh air that Pantone has released some awesome, bright and, dare I say, happy, forecasted colours for 2016.  Not one greige in the deck.

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Wallpaper Revival

It’s back!  It’s been back for quite a while, and although most of us associate wallpaper with the 1970s velvet flocked granny papers, modern times have propelled wallpapers into the future.  No matter your design ethic, wallpaper can add anything from some simple texture, a splash of colour or an artistic element.  Use it to complete your design, add sophistication or even frame it as an inexpensive, yet unique, piece of art.

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