Spring is here…well sort of

Before diving into this blog post, I want to extend love and support to all my clients, readers, followers, friends, family and everyone else out there, as we have all been greatly affected by Covid-19. It’s a scary time of uncertainty, fear of loss both personal and financial, feelings of seclusion and being overwhelmed.

I have been in business for almost 18 years. In that time, I have met many amazing people. I have an entire network of business owners that are helping me keep my head from basically exploding. If you need anything, from a great therapist to talk to, someone who can give you financial or tax advice, a trusted lawyer, someone in the health industry that can help your immune levels stay high, a doula because you are pregnant and terrified and needs a calming voice; whatever you need, I’ve got someone amazing who would love to help you. Get in touch, I would love to share their information with you, and help you through this time.

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A little colour injection

I. Want. COLOUR!

Is there a little kid inside of you screaming for colour? It’s like this deep longing inside your soul that jumps up an down with glee every time you see bright pretty toss cushions and brightly painted walls. You are reminded of summer, and amazing vacations and sunshine and life. Oh but you can’t! What will people say? Would if you got sick of it in a year?

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Pantone 2017! It ain’t easy being green!

The long-awaited day has finally arrived and here you have it Greenery 15-0343, Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year.

I don’t even know where to even begin with this one!! I think the general feeling about 2016 is let’s move on and get a fresh new start for 2017, and this colour will definitely send us in that direction. Greenery gives us endless possibilities with so many different applications and colour palettes!! Its just one of those colours that can blend into any style of space.

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