23 Point Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is finally upon us. After a long Canadian winter, it is a welcome time for us all. So, with most of us spending so much time at home, what better time to get to your spring home maintenance?

One of the questions our team is often asked is; “what are the important things to remember at home this time of year?”.  Therefore, here is a checklist we have created for you, to make sure you keep your home in tip-top shape this year. You can print it and keep it up on a corkboard, fridge or in a safe spot, so you can refer to it every year.

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Planning ahead, even now.

One thing I love to do is plan family vacations. It’s like looking out the window at a future time. It takes me months. Yes, you think I am over the top. But we tend to visit each spot only once, so I need to make sure that in our limited time there, we do and see everything we want to, and have time to chill. Whether we are flying or taking a road trip, unless it’s an all-inclusive, our family vacations tend to require quite a bit of driving. What better time than now, while we are stuck indoors, to plan a trip? Planning ahead, even now, is making me happy. It’s a project the entire family can take part of, it’s teachable for the kids, and gives you some time to dream of a future when self-isolation is a thing of the past.

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Spring is here…well sort of

Before diving into this blog post, I want to extend love and support to all my clients, readers, followers, friends, family and everyone else out there, as we have all been greatly affected by Covid-19. It’s a scary time of uncertainty, fear of loss both personal and financial, feelings of seclusion and being overwhelmed.

I have been in business for almost 18 years. In that time, I have met many amazing people. I have an entire network of business owners that are helping me keep my head from basically exploding. If you need anything, from a great therapist to talk to, someone who can give you financial or tax advice, a trusted lawyer, someone in the health industry that can help your immune levels stay high, a doula because you are pregnant and terrified and needs a calming voice; whatever you need, I’ve got someone amazing who would love to help you. Get in touch, I would love to share their information with you, and help you through this time.

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