Be a Clever Homeowner

To renovate or not to renovate? Well, let’s look at some stats, shall we? This is an average of what you will get back if you renovate.  To be honest, it’s very timid. In my experience, kitchens and bathrooms bring you almost 100% return on investment. AND, the overall value of your home goes up if it’s awesome as opposed to okay. AND, you sell quicker, much MUCH quicker. AND, 1 last thing….renovations should end up costing you less than moving. We are booked with renovations consistently all year round. It’s great for business. So why am I so angry???


I have reached my boiling point. Or, as Malcom Gladwell would say, my Tipping Point.

I recently heard yet another horror story about a couple wanting to renovate their home. Well, bulldoze their home on their nice property, and then build their dream home.

They met a contractor who they thought was nice, and did good work. The guy totally sandbagged them. To start off with, they had a terrible contract full of empty promises.

The timeline was hogwash. The contractor ran out of money early on and dragged the build for over 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!!!! And now they have had to hire an new contractor to take over the disaster left by the old one and that ALWAYS costs more money.  So their dream has become a nightmare.

I have a client that came to me through Homestars.  They called and literally said: “We have been watching your online reviews for a year. Our last designer and contractor made such a mess. It’s you or no one. Please help us.”  And, while I am grateful for the trust these new clients have in me, I am sickened by the disaster left behind by my predecessor.  How could anyone do that? Installed 700 square feet of hardwood, not indigenous to Canada, without letting it acclimatize.  The new $40,000 kitchen plus stone counters got installed the next day. The floor has almost 1 inch gaps in it.  What are they supposed to do now?

In 14 years of being in business, I have heard and seen these disasters time and time again.  So I have decided to do something about it. And it was more important than getting my “colour of the year” blog done today.

Today we fight back.  I help you arm yourselves, your loved ones, your friends and acquaintances with everything you need to get your renovation done. Be it an entire home or a powder room.  I am going to teach you how to survive your renovation!


So, on Tuesday February the 9th at 7pm come and join me.

Learn the following:

1. What should your contracts look like?

2. What is an expected timeline?

3. What is in the fine print?

4. What can go wrong?

5. How much should it all cost?

6. What are your rights?

7. What should you expect in every area involved?

8. How to get the most out of your renovation and contractor.

9. Do you need a designer?

10. How to hire the RIGHT contractor.


Call the office to book your spot. See photo above for all the information you need.

I will see you there, and together, we will make sure that whatever your project, it get’s done with as little stress as possible.

Have a terrific day!