Unveiling Hidden Treasures: Exploring “The Personal Librarian”

In the vast expanse of literary wonders, some books stand out as shining gems, illuminating stories that deserve to be shared and celebrated. One such gem is “The Personal Librarian,” a captivating historical novel that delves into the life of an extraordinary woman whose achievements have long remained obscured by history’s shadow. Co-authored by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray, this novel has breathed life into a remarkable tale of empowerment, resilience, and the love for literature.

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23 Point Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is finally upon us. After a long Canadian winter, it is a welcome time for us all. So, with most of us spending so much time at home, what better time to get to your spring home maintenance?

One of the questions our team is often asked is; “what are the important things to remember at home this time of year?”.  Therefore, here is a checklist we have created for you, to make sure you keep your home in tip-top shape this year. You can print it and keep it up on a corkboard, fridge or in a safe spot, so you can refer to it every year.

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Sick of being home? Design tips to redecorate, while staying home

If you are anything like me, your are getting sick of being at home. Getting bored of staring at the same spaces, day in and day out. I am. It’s exhausting being at home. Which is funny, because when we are all out in our regular lives, all we want is a few days at home to enjoy our families and relax.  But, as in any aspect of life when one has no choice, that’s all one wants. So, how can we change our environment a bit, to make the days feel a little newer and not stale and boring?

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