A Place to Entertain!

I am humbled.

There comes a day, in most adults lives, if you have been working at your career long enough, when being humbled happens.  Click. Humbled.

For me, this happens often.

Over our years, as we grow, our lives change, we move in different directions, our friendships morph as well. People we once saw and spoke to daily become people we see at parties. Our neighbours, specific friends, people we make time for, take the front seat. As does, in my married life; swim class, ski lessons, guitar, gymnastics, school, playdates, travel, blah blah.

But it is when those people, those friends, whom you facebook with but never see, never speak to, when they call you and they ask: “Can you help us. Can you do our home.” That’s the moment.

Click. Humbled.

They are going to trust me.  Me. The person they knew when I started my business 16 years ago. The person who they saw dance at 2am, pre-married, pre-kids, act like a buffoon, me.  Yes, I was once an unruly young adult. It’s true.  And those people, whom I still love dearly, they want to hire me.

It’s happened twice this year. Once, I got to create a baking area for a young woman whose cookies are to die for.  And this time, for a family I saw come together many years ago, and whose childhood I missed.

Our first meeting was a lot of hugs and kisses. Then we sat down and started the work of creating a space that reflected a version of my friends that I did not know. A more modern one. A cleaner, straighter, brighter version, than the darker, cozy, warm, fun atmosphere I had been a part of so many years ago.  It was like watching these two people transform from kids into adults.  I guess we all do that, don’t we.

I loved their new ideas. Their excitement was contagious.  They are entertainers by nature. This place had to feel like it. It had to encompass their children, their giant tv, her baking, the windows at the back of the house that make you feel like you’re one with nature. All of it.

A new kitchen, new fireplace and new vibe.

Here is a shot of the back of the house. Their living room floor plan was choppy. They had 3 different types of flooring in the space. The fireplace was dated and the room felt undone.

Here is an evening shot of the space. If you look under the table, you can see the third flooring change.

The kitchen was gray. We did stay in the colour family. But it was dated, and starting to fall apart. The layout left a lot of storage behind.

The after photos show quite the transformation.  The flooring now matches the existing flooring on the rest of the main floor.  The space is brighter, happier and easier to use.

The fireplace is a show stopper. The custom sectional was made to exact measurements, fitting the area perfectly. Every detail was considered carefully.  For more images, please visit our portfolio page here: Portfolio

Thank you

I think we, collectively, did a great job. I look at the space now and I realize that we’ve all grown up. We’re almost middle aged…maybe we are? But we’re still fun. And maybe we won’t be dancing until 2am, but we’ll feel like we did the next morning anyway!

Thanks for trusting us. Now let’s have a party!

Have a terrific day!