The Ins and Outs

Sample Plan

Working Together

The most important factor in hiring a designer, is finding someone who will work with you to create your space for you. In both residential and commercial design, we spend time interviewing our clients to find out what the space will be used for, who will use the space, what the basic requirements are, general style and budget. We then ask for a wish list. Let’s try to get in as much of that as possible!

The Design Process

Our team will meet to go over all the requirements for the design. If renovations or other contracting is needed, we create an initial specification sheet for the trades and ask for a preliminary quote on labour. This gives both us and our clients a very clear picture of what hard costs will be. We can then move to softer costs, to ensure we stay within our budget. Depending on the scope of work, floor plans, kitchen/bathroom designs or renovation designs, up to complete home build, are created. We can produce 2D or 3D plans if required.

Once plans are approved, we move on to creating our material specifications. This is where we chose fabrics, colours, furnishings, window dressings and so much more.
Sample Sheet

The Approval

Every step of the way, clients are kept informed of our progress. At each integral step, meetings are planned for approvals or requests for changes. Once we have achieved the perfect plan, it’s time to schedule installations and/or trades, get permits and city approvals if necessary. Monaco Interiors can provide full white-glove service, or stick to design only, depending on our clients needs.


Monaco Interiors will schedule all trades, deliveries and production in accordance with a schedule per client, to ensure that there is minimal down time. We’ll do our best to expedite your renovation, home build or design as quickly, efficiently and perfectly as possible! Let us take care of purchasing, quality control, trade/contractor liaisons, and the execution of your complete design. We do our very best to make sure there are no surprises, but if anything needs to be addressed, we do so quickly and effectively to ensure we don’t slow down the process.